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We are two professionals, a Doctor and a Corporate Executive Manager for one of the largest Manufacturing Company in America; after experiencing many tough challenges in finding the right care for our own family members and close friends, we have established Care Haven Senior Home Care Agency in the Carolinas.

We faced tough challenges of caring for our parents when we were not living in the same town. Even with our educational background and experiences, we still faced tough decisions because of a lack of skilled caregivers and proper care to our loved ones. Found that simple communication issues with caregivers and their healthcare professionals led to overlap of medications and tests. We felt helpless about making the right decisions and wondering if we did everything possible for our loved ones.

You probably are also feeling like this now. But you don’t have to go through another day’s agony of not knowing what to do. We successfully implemented our methods of client care and caregiver services for the agencies serving our own family members’ needs. After seeing their success with our methods, we decided to form our own agency and extend our care to the Carolinas.

Our agency’s unique approach addresses all your issues and concerns. Our primary focus is on the total well-being of our clients and their families through our services, which includes initial free assessment, service coordination, connecting with other health experts necessary for client’s care, plan your schedules according to your life styles, manage nutrition meals and monitor fluid intake.

Our experienced and highly trained and licensed CNA Caregivers are supervised under our skilled RN team, and coordinate care with the client’s physician(s) so that medical problems are fully assessed and addressed. All our staff and caregivers are highly experienced with Dementia and Alzheimer’s care.

We know how you feel as you try to provide the best possible care for your aging parents, and we strive continuously to assure your confidence and satisfaction. We know how tough it is to balance your family and also care for your aging parents or a spouse. We’re here to support you, help solve your care giving issues and make life easier for you so you can enjoy your loved ones.

Care Haven Senior Home Care’s Commitment Is To Make Every Day an Extraordinary Day For All Our Caregivers, Clients and Their Families.

We look forward to serving you and giving you peace of mind.

Vina Pesaru and P.S. Reddy  (Founders & Owners) President and Chief Executive Officer